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Welcome to Our Alumni Site

Because of our Alumni’s enthusiastic support, the Alumni Association is expanding their communications means to our Alumni by adding this Website and a Member E-blast to complement the newsletter distribution.

This website presents news and features articles about our alumni and undergraduate chapter activities. As an alumnus, please make your contribution to the website by sharing memorable, funny stories about your Brothers, your Experience, and pictures about your School Days.
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A Crazy Moment in KA History

“Just relax, play the piano, and leave the driving to us.”

We’re not certain how the brothers got the piano on the back of the car or what the outcome of this crazy contraption was, but there is one thing we’re sure about! This went down as one of the craziest moments in KA history. If you were around this year, we’d love to hear the story behind this snapshot! Send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click “read more” below to share the story in the comments!

Read more: A Crazy Moment in KA History

Save the Date: Homecoming Weekend 2017

Homecoming is one of the best times of year. Alumni travel back to campus, with several classes celebrating reunions, and it’s often a great opportunity to stop by the house, meet some undergrads, and catch up with brothers.

So mark your calendars now! This year’s event will take place October 19-21.

Read more: Save the Date: Homecoming Weekend 2017

Dr. Bob DeFoor ’87 Uses KA Values Every Day

When Bob DeFoor ’87 checked in with us several years back, he said that he was still using skills and values that he learned at KA every day—whether it be in his personal life, or in his profession as a urologist and surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

“I will always remember Lee’s Definition of a Gentleman that a brother had me memorize for his signature,” Bob said. “This inspirational memorandum values humility and empathy in the use of knowledge and power in relating to others. These are skills that I must use every day when a parent trusts me to take care of their infant or young child both at the bedside as well as in the operating room.”

Read more: Dr. Bob DeFoor ’87 Uses KA Values Every Day

Alumni Profiles

Bob DeFoor '91

Why did you join Kappa Alpha as an undergraduate?
When I came down from Kentucky to start college at Georgia Tech, I didn’t know many students ahead of time. Several of my father’s friends were KA’s in our town and had written letters of recommendation for me so I went by the House during Rush Week. My initial plan was to defer joining a fraternity until after I had been in school for a while (not knowing how difficult the classes would be), but I met a couple of Brothers from Kentucky, Rick Muse and Jeff Cunningham, on the first night and felt very comfortable with everyone.



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Ramzi Dudum '02
Brothers, I am writing in good spirits. Three years ago, the active chapter started a philanthropy to benefit a former EC's daughter who suffers from a rare disease known as Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). Please read below about Krissy and our efforts to support.



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