2014-15 Best Brother is Always Willing to Lend a Hand

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Will Walker '11 earned the title of Best Brother for the 2014-15 school year, as voted by the chapter. Instrumental in planning both Convivium and Old South, as well as other social events, Will is always very involved and always willing to help out when needed, says Alpha Sigma Historian Bennett Humphries.

A rising 5th year student from Elberton, GA pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering, Will hopes to go into manufacturing operations.

Why did you join KA?

When I came to Georgia Tech, I knew a little bit about Greek Life in general, but I didn’t know anything about the fraternities here. The first night of formal rush, I visited several fraternities. I didn’t care for any of the places I visited because I simply did not have anything in common with the guys I was meeting.

On the second night of rush my roommate convinced me to stop by KA, even though I was starting to doubt if I wanted to go Greek at all. Before I even got to the door at KA, I felt like I was at home. Every guy I talked to was genuine. They weren’t trying to impress me. It was like hanging out with friends I had known forever. It took me about 15 minutes to realize that I was going to be a KA.

A lot of people take a long time to decide which fraternity they want to join, and that’s fine. But I never had that problem. I knew KA was the place for me immediately.

How does it make you feel to be named Best Brother?

It is indescribably flattering, considering how many amazing men are in Alpha Sigma chapter.

Being named Best Brother is without a doubt the proudest moment of my college career.

What is your best KA memory?

Twenty years from now I may not have a single, distinct memory that is my favorite. But I will always smile when I think about the countless nights up late, just hanging out with whatever guys happened to be around with nothing to do. It was always a different group of people, and we never did anything really special, but those nights that nothing was planned were always the most fun.

What is the #1 thing you have gained from your KA experience that you think will benefit you in your life after graduation?

What KA has done for me over the last four years is provide me a home. Georgia Tech is a really tough school, but I always had shelter when things got tough. I honestly believe I may not have stayed at Tech if I hadn’t become a KA. So ultimately what KA has provided me with is the support system to finish school and get my degree from Georgia Tech.

In your opinion, what makes KA stand apart from other fraternities on campus?

Every fraternity claims to be a group of gentlemen. Every fraternity claims to have a great brotherhood. But the brothers of the Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha live up to their KA values. From the moment you take your bid at KA, your brothers hold you to a higher standard. And when I say that, I mean that we actually hold each other to that standard. None of us is perfect, but there is always someone there to let us know when we are wrong. I think that’s the real test of a brotherhood. As long as I have been a KA, we have always passed that test.

What is your advice to future generations?

Never apologize for what you believe or for doing what you think is right. Work your ass off.

Have fun.

Please provide a brief background on yourself and your future plans.

I am from Elberton, GA, and a rising 5th year at Tech. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, and I plan to graduate this December. I hope to go into manufacturing operations, with my main career goal being to eventually become a plant manager.

At Tech, I was KA’s house manager in 2013, and I planned Convivium and Old South in the spring of 2015. I spent two years on a GT Freshman Leadership Organization called FreshGA, as a freshman member and then a sophomore advisor.

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