Paul Johnson Kicks Off KA Fall Rush Season

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Formal rush kicked off in a big way at the start of the school year with Tech head football coach Paul Johnson coming by the house to talk to rushees. Johnson is a KA alumnus from Western Carolina University and shared his experiences with KA during his college years including the strong sense of brotherhood that he was originally drawn to during his first encounter with rush.

After introducing some of these memories from his past, he encouraged rushees to experience for themselves what Kappa Alpha Order has to offer. Johnson’s speech was paired with a barbeque dinner prepared by William Rasmussen (2013). During the second evening of rush, Alpha Sigma alumnus Chuck Haley (1981) spoke on the history and founding of KA as well as the symbolism behind the flag and crest. This gave the rushees in attendance the opportunity to learn about KA on a deeper level than is typically observed during rush.  

Photo caption: Coach Paul Johnson speaking at Rush

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