Dogs Dixie and Scarlett Were Part of the KA Family In the 1980s

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We recently asked our alumni members to caption this photo, and Frederick Hampton ’83 said that he was the brother pictured petting the house dogs, Dixie and Scarlett, back in 1981. Frederick said that, although he doesn’t remember how the dogs actually came to live at the house, they were adopted and cared for by all the brothers. “They were fun-loving and good-natured dogs for sure,” Rick said.

The dogs loved to walk through campus and be outside, and when one of them was unfortunately hit by a car, the brothers immediately rushed to her side.

“I remember wrapping her in a big towel and holding her while we rushed to an animal hospital. The fur and skin had been rubbed off the bone. She survived, although she did have a limp the rest of the time I was at tech. This was back in the day when dogs ran free on campus, not many leashes,” Rick said. 

Do you remember stories of the house dogs, Dixie and Scarlett? Share them with us by clicking here to submit an update. 

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