Larry Kelly ’62: "KA Helped Get Me Through College"

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Being a KA helped Larry Kelly ’62 get through college. He joined in the late ’50s because, from the very beginning, he felt a connection with the brothers. "I found them to be very friendly. I didn't get the same warm and fuzzy feeling from any of the other fraternities I talked with," he said. And those same brothers he connected with from day one would play an instrumental role in ensuring that Larry focused on academics and graduated from college.

Larry wasn't always the best student, something that doesn't really bode well at a school like Georgia Tech. "I could get off task sometimes, but a couple brothers I roomed with, particularly Dwight Alford, really helped me with my academics. He got me focused in the right way," he said. "Georgia Tech can be a rigorous school. Had it not been for Dwight's help, I don't know if I would have made it through." 

But being a member of the fraternity not only helped Larry academically, it also helped him financially. He served as the treasurer for the chapter, a job that came with free room and board. "I worked my way through college and had several jobs. Having a free place to stay really helped me pay for college," he said. 

And it's because of all the support Larry gained through the fraternity that he chooses to give back to the chapter in the form of financial contributions. "I feel like I learned a lot and got a lot out of the experience," he said. 

He even continues to reflect on all the wonderful memories he made as an undergraduate. "I really enjoyed Old South Balls. They were a real special time to spend with brothers and just a wonderful event that I always looked forward to," he said. And the bonds he shared with fellow brothers, which benefited him so well as an undergraduate, continue to thrive today. "I have visited a few of my brothers recently. I also stay in touch with many via email as well. John Rowe does a great job of keeping everyone in touch," he said. 

Today, after selling his business several years ago, Larry is enjoying retirement. He and his wife stay busy traveling and keeping up with their grandchildren. Larry's favorite activities include racquetball, fishing, golf, and perhaps more importantly, coming back to visit the KA house. "I think back over some of the parties we had there, and it's always great to go back and see everyone at the house again. It's really the focal point when we come back to Georgia Tech," he said. 

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