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Hubert Harris ’62 Reflects on Lifelong Support and Friendships Provided by KA

There’s nothing but fond memories of Kappa Alpha Order for Hubert Harris ’62. It was the perfect mixture of fun and brotherly encouragement and support.

Hubert was first drawn to KA by the brothers, the link to Robert E. Lee, and the old southern traditions, but it was friendship and support that made his undergrad years truly memorable.

“We were a group of fun-loving students who wrestled with academics vs. fun,” he recalls. “We studied and helped each other. Almost all of us graduated.”

Today, he hopes the active members have that same opportunity.

“Work hard, graduate, support and help your brothers, and have fun,” he advises.

One of his favorite events held each year was the Old South Ball. “But the lasting impact," he says, "was the friends I made as a KA, and the support they offered me during my time at GT and since."

Today, he’s still in touch with more than 10 brothers. Just to name a few, those brothers include Bill Avery ’63, Jim Bowyer ’61, John Bacon ’64, Craig Hayes ’62, Hodge Golson ’64, Bill Watts ’60, Eric Lewis, Jim Oliver ’63, Bill Knight ’60, John Duffy ’63.

Though he’s now retired, Hubert had a very unique career path.

GT helped him get a job with Monsanto right after graduation, but soon after he went into the U.S. Army. After about eight years serving in various positions at C&S Bank—the last being a lobbyist—he joined the Carter Administration in 1977 as the Assistant Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

"I worked with the Cabinet agencies and Congress and had a terrific experience," he says. "We stayed in Washington where I was the National Executive Director of a non-union construction trade association. In 1983, we returned to Atlanta where I became President of the International Association for Financial Planning. In 1988, I joined Invesco, holding many positions, ending as CEO of Invesco North America, and serving on the parent company board for 10 years. I retired in 2005.”

Today, Hubert is still very active. He spends about half of his time in Sea Island, Georgia, and the rest of the time in Atlanta and at his farm in Walton Co., Georgia. He serves on two corporate boards, several non-profits, and is an emeritus trustee of the GT Foundation.

And he hasn’t forgotten about KA—he’s given generously over the years, including large sums to the capital campaign in the early 2000s to rebuild the chapter house.

“The fraternity was important to me,” he says, “and I wanted to help its future by supporting the new house project financially.”

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