Walton Carter ’51 Celebrates 64 Years of Marriage

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It All Started at the 1950 KA Rush Party

Jan and Walton with their granddaughter
(LPGA golfer Dori Carter)

Photo courtesy of Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic/Gabe Roux

In honor of his 64th wedding anniversary, we’d like to share this note submitted earlier this year from Walton Carter.

“I ‘got out’ in September 1950, but was placed in the 1951 graduate class. Around the latter part of September, I was visiting the old KA house on corner of Techwood and 3rd, and the chapter was hosting a rush party. In those days, we would invite a number of Atlanta high school girls (pinks) to assist us in rushing the freshman class. I was sitting in the living room when all these girls arrived. As they came in, I noticed a particular one that I thought was an exceptional ‘good looker,’ and I sought her out at the party. To make a long story longer, we started dating and I was surprised to discover she was in the 9th grade! Anyway, I worked in Atlanta for the next three years waiting for Jan to graduate from North Fulton, and we were married in June 1953. It evidently was the thing to do as we have been married 64 years this June. Five children, six grandchildren, and one great grandchild is the great result of the KA rush party of 1950.”

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