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Alpha Sigma Ushers in an Exciting New Semester at Georgia Tech with New Growth and Continued Pride

Georgia Tech’s Alpha Sigma fraternity is going into this academic year with its head held high. One of Alpha Sigma’s major accomplishments this past year has been continuing to grow the fraternity and instill the importance of hard work and philanthropy to its current members.

Alpha Sigma was proud to welcome 24 new members last fall and 20 new members this year. We hope to teach these members the importance of being an Alpha Sigma and help them reach their full potential. Just earlier this year, Jake Fulwiler, a third-year engineering student, was named the “Greek of the Week” after raising over $10,000 in a charity boxing event. These are the types of brothers that make up Alpha Sigma!

We continue to focus on philanthropy year after year. It’s an important way to give back to the community and demonstrate the giving nature of Alpha Sigma. At the 2nd Annual Southern Gentleman’s Golf Classic in April, we were able to raise $10,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Inspired by their efforts in April, every brother continues to be dedicated to their community service hours and donates more than five hours of their time each year.

Academics continue to be top priority for all Alpha Sigma brothers; our average GPA continues to be well over a 3.0. We’ve also implemented a new mentor system. Members of Alpha Sigma are able to seek advice and talk with older brothers in the same major. We’ve found that the younger members thrive off of the advice received from more veteran members.

The Alpha Sigma house continues to be of importance to all brothers and has recently undergone quite a few changes. The kitchen now features a brand new dishwashing machine, ice maker and refrigerator. In the coming years, we hope to purchase a salad bar, which will help members stay healthy and focus on a balanced diet even during their most busy times during the semester.

Alpha Sigma will continue to thrive this year. We will build off of the momentum we gained last year and continue to thrive academically, philanthropically and personally.

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