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The Future and Our Goals

The goals for Alpha Sigma at Georgia Tech are simple: we hope to continue to improve ourselves, improve campus and improve the community.

Academically, we hope to improve our cumulative GPA and demonstrate our hard work in the classroom. Through our mentoring program, we should be able to perform better by lending a helping hand to brothers who may find certain aspects of their coursework difficult. We aim to keep our GPA above a 3.0 once again this year.

We would like to top last year’s fundraising efforts. Giving back to the community and campus is one of the many reasons being an Alpha Sigma is so rewarding. We hope to hold more fundraisers to raise money for important organizations that do so much for so many. While only five community service hours are mandated, we would like each brother to give back even more, so we can truly make an impact.

Lastly, we want to continue to care for and improve upon the Alpha Sigma house. Much like past and future Alpha Sigmas, we want the house to be around for future generations. It stands tall on campus and represents everything Alpha Sigma stand for. The history and the memories made within the house are things we can never replace. We will continue to instill the importance of taking care of the house to our Alpha Sigma brothers, so they, and all future brothers, can continue making memories that will stay with them throughout their life.

Alpha Sigma hopes to top our accomplishments last year. Academically, brothers must continue to push themselves in the classroom to be more inquisitive and focused. Philanthropically, we need to press upon all brothers the importance of caring about others more than they care about themselves.

Ultimately, our goal is that current members will once again demonstrate the giving and driven nature of Alpha Sigmas to not only the Georgia Tech campus, but to the country.

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We're missing contact information of alumni brothers, and need your help to find them. Click below to download a copy of our current lost mailing list or email list. Send our alumni partner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., your updates.