Honor Roll

2017 - 2018 Honor Roll

This Honor Roll reflects gifts made to the Annual Fund between September 1st, 2017 and August 31st, 2018. Donors are organized by Graduation Year, and not gift amount. Thank you to all of our donors for their ongoing generosity.

For God & Women Society ($500-$999.99)
 Scott Patman   1989

Crimson & Old Gold Club ($250-$499.99)
 Carroll Hart   1954
 Frank Bynum   1958
 F. Lee Cook   1958
 Bill Olsen   1979
 Walter Hudson   1988
 Nathan Purvis   1999
 Stuart Johnston   2002

The 1865 Society ($186.50-$249.99)
 G. Knight   1960
 Alton Greenway   1983

Crimson Rose & Magnolia Blossom Club ($100-$186.49)
 Walton Carter   1948
 Lewis McAllister   1951
 Thomas Gurley   1956
 Thomas Kaney   1957
 Daniel Bradley   1958
 Walter Busbee   1958
 Walter Bach   1958
 John Babb   1961
 Hubert Harris   1962
 Brant Conner   1964
 Jeffrey Adams   1975
 Brian Beatty   1984
 Brady Sterchi   1985
 Steve Duke   1986
 W. DeFoor   1987
 Jon Redick   1988
 Jeffrey Ramsey   1990
 Troy Powell   1994
 (Buddy) Lyman Smith   1995
 Grant Bruner   2007

Alpha Sigma Supporter ($50-$80.09)
 Curtis Walker   1945
 M. Scott Pirnie   1961
 William Avery   1963
 Kenneth Knox   1974
 Frederick Hampton   1980

Other (Up to $49.99)
 Christopher Johnson   1968

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