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A Few Brothers Have Spoken.

You answered five brief questions in a survey last month. Here is what you said:

What is your fondest memory of being part of Kappa Alpha Order?

  • Parties after football games
  • Making lifelong friends
  • Old South Parade
  • Old South and game-day band parties
  • Old South
  • Brotherhood, a sense of belonging. It gave you an identity on campus.
  • Fellowship in Athens and UGA
  • The friendships gained
  • Friends that I made
  • The lifelong friends made there.

What are the top 3 things you gained from your Kappa Alpha Order experience?

  • Reverence to God, Chivalry to Women, and making lifelong friends.
  • Friendships, self confidence and a deep appreciation for the tradition and history of KA
  • Friendships forever, Networking, Always had help when needed
  • Respect the brotherhood, maintain current competency, Contribute to community welfare
  • Camaraderie, Enhanced college experience, Good parties
  • Friends, honor, love for life

How would your life be different today if you had never joined Kappa Alpha Order?

  • I wouldn't change a thing as my irresponsible behavior in college has guided me in my career as I continuously seek to perform at a high level on a daily basis to make up for my lackluster effort in school.
  • Likely would not have met some lifetime friends
  • I can't imagine not being part of KA
  • No identity, No memories
  • Well I wouldn't have the good friends that I do
  • Would not have the number of friends that I do now
  • Convivium is the glue that binds us together more closely than seen with other fraternities,and thus the friendships.

Share an update (family, career, hobbies, other interesting news) for possible publication in an upcoming mailing.

  • In addition to continuing my work with NBC News I now work for Emory University producing interviews conducted by Emory President Claire Sterk with leaders and newsmakers from around the world.
  • The brothers of between 1966-1976 had their third reunion party in May. Over these parties, we have reconnected 150 brothers
  • 32 years as a volunteer physician in Free Clinics
  • Lousy golfer
  • My son, Chase(Gamma 2001), is now a dentist in St Simons with wife Anna and 2 kids.

As an alumni association, we strive to keep you connected with the Gamma chapter long after graduation. What could we do to encourage you to become more active in the association? Perhaps by hosting more fun events? Any other advice?

  • Yes events at the KA house would be great. Maybe a Gamma golf tournament!
  • Need an annual golf tournament
  • Fall and Spring Alumni weekends in Athens. If these already exist, I'm unaware and would enjoy the opportunity to take part
  • This just needs to happen without too much structure. Identify brothers who would do the work and have a current list of brothers contact information. Have reunions at 10 years intervals.
  • At age 87 can provide thoughts from vantage of membership since pledge talk at Delta in 1951
  • Actively include alums on football weekends.


Thank you for sharing your memories and your opinions. Your words mean something to us, brothers. We have heard you and will act on your advice.

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