Support your fraternity and your school

Greek alumni are up for a challenge, right?

Traditionally, Greek alumni support Roll Call at a rate much higher than the general alumni group. Through our annual Roll Call Greek Challenge, fraternities and sororities compete based on the percentage of alumni who contribute. The more alumni donors, the higher the participation rate.

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We want to hear your spring break stories

It's almost time for spring break! Do you remember those days? The thrill of putting books and papers behind you for a week of fun and (hopefully) sun. If you had a great spring trip, let us know about it! Maybe you and a few brothers caught some grapefruit league games in Florida. Or maybe you did some hiking. Whatever it was, tell us about your adventures by going here.

Alpha Sigma Chapter needs your support

When you arrived at Georgia Tech, you were ready for the academic challenge of one of the great technical schools in the world. However, you still weren’t quite satisfied. So you looked for something more. You found what was missing at Alpha Sigma Chapter, through the brotherhood of Kappa Alpha Order.

Does this sound like you? If so, we need your help.

Through the years, we have accomplished so much through you and brothers like you. Men who care about brotherhood, about friendship, about the house that we still call home. There’s so much more we can do, but we need continued support.

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Hollywood's iconic cowboy was a KA brother at Alpha Sigma

Perhaps no actor has ever been more associated with a genre of film than Randolph Scott was with the western. For decades, Scott played quintessentially American characters in that most quintessentially American style of movies.

He was good at playing the strong, silent type who was adept at protecting his friends and the women-folk — just what you’d expect from a brother in the Kappa Alpha Order.

A Southern gentleman through and through, Scott was born in Virginia in 1898 but raised in North Carolina. He attended Georgia Tech for a time and joined Alpha Sigma Chapter. But his dreams of becoming a football star for the Ramblin’ Wreck weren’t to be, so he went back home to North Carolina and finished his studies at UNC before heading west.

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We want to hear how you met

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So it’s time for one of our favorite traditions: We’re asking you to send us stories of how you met your significant other!

People enjoy tales of “how we met.” There’s something about a good saga of amore that warms our hearts in the dead of winter. But we need your cooperation!

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