We All Have Our Share of the Stupid Stuff, Right?

You have probably seen it on Facebook or in email. It is a saying that goes like this: “The best part about being in my [30s, 40s … you fill in the blank] is that I did all of my stupid stuff before the internet.” Yes, it might be true. But we are hoping you are up for a 2015 competition to see if the digital generations really have the title when it comes to “cherished” photos. So, dig out your party pics, candid shots … whatever you can find. You are keeping them for a reason, right? Click below to find out how you can submit your photos for the rest of your Kappa Alpha brotherhood to enjoy. It’s time for a few laughs!

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2015 New Year’s Resolution: So Live!

Tired of hearing about how it’s time to set your goals for the NEW year, join a NEW gym, write a NEW resume, adopt a NEW financial planning strategy, consider a NEW golf swing, download a NEW app and read a NEW best seller? As many of our KA brothers know, the world just recently lost Stuart Scott, a well-known and beloved ESPN sports broadcaster who had battled with cancer for seven years. In his 2014 acceptance speech for the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPY Awards left this challenge in the hearts and minds of all who attended and all who have replayed that speech this week. “So live.” How will you live in 2015? Click below and give us your answer.

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